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Amber STER

Amber STER

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Amber STER is an AMAZING, talented, easy, beautiful PREGNANT Full papered, STER mare! 2 for 1 deal with some of the best bloodlines we have seen in a long time- on both the mother and father side. STER mares are EXTREMELY hard to find these days. Not only is Amber incredibly high quality- she is in foal to Teun 505 and will give you a beautiful foal in just a few months! Another thing we love about Amber is her classic, baroque build and her kind eyes. Her kind, noble eyes are a reflection of her sweet personality. She is not “mare-like” at all, and is a real gentle giant.

If you are looking to start or add to your breeding program- Amber is a perfect fit for you. In the Friesian community, STER mares are highly respected because of their exceptional confirmation, exterior and movement. They obtain this predicate by their presentation to the Dutch judges at the Keuring. Only a few select horses earn this predicate at the keurings- and Amber was one of them!

In foal to the amazing approved stallion, Teun 505. Teun is WOWZA!! Be sure to watch some of his videos- he is an outstanding mover and is absolutely stunning. This is going to be one very special baby.

Amber is a GREAT age of 7 years old, and has so many years ahead of her! She is a tall girl standing at 16.2 hands.

This is a 2 for 1 deal that you get an easy, gorgeous mare along with a baby in just a few short months! Her baby will be worth between 12-18k, over half of your investment already paid for! Not only is Amber STER in foal to an extraordinary stallion, she has an unbelievable lineage herself. Amber STER’s motherline is superior. She has a full paper. Her motherline is the following: STER-STER+PREF*4-STER+PREF+PREST*9-STER. Now, this is a PROVEN motherline!! Amber’s father is one of the FMP favorites, Tsjalle 454 SPORT ELITE PREF. Tsjalle is known for his extraordinary legwork and conformation. He has a very strong hind leg,

We love this mare because she is beautiful, excellent conformation, great for breeding and also has a lovely temperament. She is a very calm, sweet soul. She was to broke to ride as a 3 year old and she was very easy, but she will need a refresher under saddle. Amber STER serves so many purposes and is a GREAT DEAL for the money! This is a really good price for a VERY HIGH quality mare- AND FOAL in 2024!!

Due Date: March 23

Size: 16.2 hands

Age: 7 Years

Breed: Friesian

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