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Great all around pleasure horse! Loves the trails!

Are you looking for a beautiful horse that anyone can ride? Meet Caroline, a horse that is super RELIABLE, safe- and has the BEST canter!  She is the trail master! She loves to hack! She is a great all around, pleasure type horse. Anyone can learn to ride on her. We absolutely love this horse. She is a horse you can learn on and always feel safe and secure. She has spent lots of time out of the ring and on the trails. She is not the sensitive type. If a rider loses their stirrups or gets off balance, Caroline will stop immediately. She is not a reactive horse and will let you do anything to her. You can take her to the beach, through the woods- ANYWHERE!

Caroline is a great age at 5 years old. She has many years ahead of her but also has plenty of years of experience.  She stands at 14.2 hands. 

She has a very kind, eye and such a sweet horse. She LOVES people! She is waiting to make someone a lifetime companion! 

Age: 5 Years 

Breed: Gypsy Vanner 

Size: 14.2 hands 


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