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9 Year Old Friesian Gelding that has done it all! FAIRYTALE! Tons of beauty, tons of talent! EASY to ride and drive. VERY safe, calm, trail experience! You can do anything on him!

Meet Felix. He has the fairytale look that EVERYONE wants. He is an absolute dream horse! Felix is super laid back and has been there done that. He has competed in many horse shows and taken on many trails.  He also is double trained to ride and drive. He is very easy to drive. He is VERY QUIET! He is also a fantastic age of 9 years old.  He has been there done that. Felix has been uses for many different things, he has even has been used for Christmas parades, and pulled a sleigh with jingle bells! He does it all! 

Not only does Felix have the looks, he also is a joy to ride. He has been shown lower level dressage in Holland, but he has also done many other trail and beach rides. His owner frequently trailered him to go hacking. He is so brave and will go anywhere! Felix is so regal yet not difficult at all ride. He is not the sensitive type if his rider gets off balance, he will just stop. He is beginner safe, but still has the talent for dressage. He is the best all around horse and will build your confidence. This is the kind or horse that everyone wants and needs. 

Felix has excellent breeding. His father is the approved Sport stallion Mewes 438 who won the stallion show in 2017.   He is full papered with an INCREDIBLE motherline: KROON- PREFERENT*5-STER- PREFERENT*4. 

This is a once in a lifetime kind of horse! THE ULTIMATE FAIRYTALE HORSE!!

Age: 9 Years 

Breed: Friesian 

Height: 16.2 hands


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