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Friesian Western Endurance Saddle

Friesian Western Endurance Saddle

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FMP is proud to announce that we have a new Lightweight Friesian Endurance Saddle. **Now offered in 3 inch and 5 inch cantle**

This saddle is designed specifically for the Friesian horse and is super comfortable for both the horse and rider. You could ride all day in this saddle, it really feels like you are sitting on a cloud. We love this saddle because it puts riders in the perfect position giving you a great sense of security. Our endurance saddle is lightweight, user friendly and very easy to get on and off the horse. This saddle is a perfect combination of looks, style and comfort all in one. 

Features/Specs : 

  • Under 18 lbs- MUCH lighter weight than traditional western saddle
  • Ultra padded suede seat
  • Bio-thane leathers that allow for freedom of movement and easy posting
  • Color: Black
  • Hardware: Chrome 
  • Wide Bar Angle- 90 Degrees- Wide angle of the tree accounts for larger bodied draft breeds
  • Flared Bars to allow for shoulder movement 
  • Bar Spread: 13.5 inches 
  • Gullet Height: 8 inches- Higher gullet to accommodate higher withers and higher neck carriage 
  • Gullet: 6.78 inches 
  • Tree Built with large rocker 
  • Narrow Twist- This is the part of the saddle you feel with your thighs. The narrow twist is comfortable for rider and actually minimizes the weight bearing surface for the horse’s back 
  • Size 16 = 22 inch tree 
  • Size 17 = 23 inch tree
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