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Are you looking for a mare with the outstanding bloodlines to add to or start your breeding program? A horse that has a lifetime ahead of her to compete in dressage and produce top of the line foals? Meet Juliette! This is a two for one deal, Juliette is PREGNANT to the INCREDIBLE approved stallion Bartele 472 and due April 23, 2023.

You will LOVE this mare and her baby! Juliette is a VERY TALL mare, and boy can she move! She is already standing at 16.2 hands at 4 years old. She has long legs and excellent conformation.

Juliette is going to have one special baby! Bartele is a strikingly beautiful stallion. Take a look at his LONG, luxurious mane- this stallion is STUNNING! He is known for his exceptional uphill conformation and deep black coat. Bartele is also distinguished for his impressive ability to collect and extend, with an active hind leg and beautiful front. What a perfect Romeo for this special Juliette! Juliette has the following motherline: STER-STER-STER+PREF*6-STER. Juliette also has a LOW 2.73% inbreeding coefficient, meaning you can breed her to just about anyone.

Not only is Juliette a beautiful, sweet pregnant mama with exceptional bloodlines- she is also an excellent dressage prospect with her outstanding movement. This girl uses her body and can flat out MOVE! She has 3 fabulous smooth gaits. She already has a lovely, uphill, collected canter. Juliette is 4 years old and thinks so great for her age. She is sensible, quiet, and always enjoys her work. We love Juliette because she always wants to please and gives 150% effort every day- and she is the sweetest, most loving horse in the barn. She is such a kind horse and doesn’t have a bad bone in her body.

Juliette is very nice to ride because he is the perfect amount of forward. Never too lazy and not too forward for an amateur rider. She learns things very quickly and has lots of talent. Very eager to learn. She moves off the leg very easily and is very easy in the contact. She is very comfortable to ride, she is not lofty at all. Great if you have lower back problems. You will have a BLAST on her! She is not the spooky type and not reactive. She stands like a soldier getting on, and is always forgiving if you give her the wrong signal.

Juliette would make an excellent addition to a breeding program. This fantastic 2 for 1 deal with such a high quality mare with so much saddle time is nearly impossible to find. Juliette comes with a recent pre-purchase exam, pregnancy check and x-rays. This is a GREAT DEAL to get a SUPER talented horse with a baby on the way!

Breed: Friesian

In Foal to: Bartele 472

Age: 4 Years

Height: 16.2 Hands

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