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Siert 499 Sport

Siert 499 Sport

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FEI Dressage Super Star! Incredible flying changes, a wonderful temperament and the upmost quality. This boy will take you to the winner’s circle! 

Introducing a new FEI dressage super star to FMP! Meet Siert 499 SPORT! Dressage delight- if you are looking for a horse that will teach you all the dressage moves- and will WIN in the dressage arena- we have him here for our clients. Siert 499 is a proven, competed, and solid PSG level Friesian, with Grand Prix potential. If you think flying lead changes are in your future- this handsome boy would love to join you on your journey. Siert could do flying changes in his sleep! 3 tempi changes are easy for him and we think one-tempis are in his future! 

Siert has been competed and worked under the guidance of some of the very top European trainers throughout his career. He is polished and light to the aids with a classical dressage feeling. Siert is a true dance partner looking for his new match. His lateral work is outstanding, and his canter pirouettes are a dream! You will want to ride the pirouette all day long! And his extensions- UNBELIEVABLE! He is a sight to see!. He has the best gaits and his quality is paramount. He is also an exceptional driving horse, and has won many competitions doing that too. 

The quality in Siert is no surprise. You may be wondering why he has a number on his name like an approved stallion? He is an approved stallion! Siert 499 became an approved breeding stallion in 2016. An approved stallion is the highest ranking in the Friesian studbook. Only the best young Friesian stallions are selected to attend the Stallion inspection (Just being selected to attend is a high accomplishment), and only 3-4 Stallions are approved every year. Becoming approved is a very difficult, rigorous 70 day process where the Dutch judges select the best of the best. Siert 499 earned his approval status in 2016. He since has been voluntarily removed from breeding because he wasn’t as successful at impregnating mares as expected. The old owners decided to discontinue his use as a breeding stallion and pursue his career in Sport.  Siert does however have several offspring- which are so beautiful and quite successful in their career! 

Siert 499 shows outstanding athleticism, flexibility and is very light on his feet. He is very willing to work and gives his all for what ever you ask of him- that is how he has been at the top of his game in everything he does. Earning both his Stallion approval and Sport Predicate and winning many competitions. He is also known for his exceptional character both in the arena and to handle on the ground. He has the real “Friesian” personality and is very gentle and kind. Throughout his life, he has been under the instruction of some of the best trainers, but he has also taught lessons with many amateur riders. He is forgiving if you give him the wrong signal and is the perfect amount of forward yet safe. He isn’t the kind of horse you have to hold back, he will sense and match his rider’s ability. We also love the life experience that Siert has has had. He has been taken to countless competitions, seminars, promotional advertisement shootings; he has done many different things. He is automatically comfortable when you haul him to a new location and is very brave. He hauls great, has lovely ground manners and is patient and kind. We couldn’t say enough outstanding things about this sweet, lovely boy! 

Siert is 10 years old and stands at 16.1 hands. 

Breed: Friesian
Age: 10 Years Size: 16.1 hands

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