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Friesian Dressage Saddle with Adjustable Tree

Friesian Dressage Saddle with Adjustable Tree

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We are proud to be offering our famous Friesian saddle with the new adjustable tree. The adjustable gullet allows one saddle to custom fit all of your horses safely and dependably. Whether you have several horses, or your horse is growing and changing, this saddle will provide the perfect fit. 

We have been working several years on developing this saddle because many of our Friesians had saddle soreness. We decided that we needed to do something about this problem and wanted to design a saddle that is comfortable for the rider and takes into account the way a Friesian is built all while keeping the best quality and value. This is one of the most comfortable dressage saddles on the market today. We chose the Pull leather so there would be no break in time and for the softness and comfort. The Pull leather is created with a special tanning process that is so soft and supple that the saddle rides like its already broken in. 

This saddle gives you a great sense of security with the flaps that have a slight texture for grip and the medium twist allows a close contact feel. A deep and supportive seat puts you in the proper position without restricting your movement. The wide gullet and XX- Wide Tree provides proper clearance of your horse's spine, perfect for both high-withered and wide, large-shouldered horses. Our saddle has gusseted wool panels that ensure a great fit for your Friesian, but can be professionally flocked to suit the horse if needed. Y-girthing system allows for minute adjustments and maximum saddle stability.  The “FMP Dressage Saddle” has a hand laminated beechwood, spring steel reinforced tree. The FMP saddle is lined in either white or gold piping and stitching.  This adds a beautiful touch to wear on your Friesian. We are so excited to offer such a great saddle for the Friesians and for the people that love them.

*Leathers and stirrups are sold separately 


  • Allows a single saddle to custom fit all your horses-Safely and Dependably
  • Our adjustable tree is the only adjustable gullet system that gives you every saddle width needed and it locks.
  • Adjusts your saddle from narrow to extra-wide and any width in between-millimeter by millimeter
  • Adjustments to the tree are made quickly and easily in three steps using the included tools
  • All your adjustments are made almost instantly and without taking the saddle apart
  • LEATHER:  “Wet Pull-Up” leather flaps
  • KNEE PADS: Soft-Air cushioned knee pad
  • SEAT: Deep seat
  • TWIST: Medium Twist
  • PANELS: Gusseted wool panels w/a foam layer for smooth contact with the horses back
  • BILLETING SYSTEM: Y-girthing system for maximum stability
  • TREE: Hand laminated beech wood, steel reinforced spring tree with a 10 year guarantee
  • SEAT SIZES: 17", 17 1/2", 18
  • WARRANTY:  The warranty on the tree is 5 years
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