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Wilma Kroon AA SPORT

Wilma Kroon AA SPORT

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We are VERY excited about this PREGNANT, KROON AA, SPORT mare! If you are looking for the elite for your breeding program and looking for an experienced, high scoring dressage horses- you need Wilma KROON! KROON is almost the highest predicate that to be obtained for the Friesian mares. KROON mares are very RARE-there are only a select few in the world and Wilma is one of these. Not only did she earn her KROON predicate, she also earned SPORT competing in upper level dressage in Holland. To add to her resume, she has had 2 beautiful foals. Wilma is a true OVER achiever- and everything she does- she does exceptional in. Wilma is a perfect age of 8 years old.

If you have been following FMP, you will know that KROON mares do not come around very often, and especially KROON AND SPORT- whoever gets this girl is going to be very lucky! Wilma is IN FOAL to Markus 491 SPORT. Markus 491 SPORT is a very famous approved stallion in Holland. Markus has a career of many victories- some of the highlights include Champion of the stallion inspection of the younger stallions in 2016, as well as Reserve Champion of the stallion inspection of the younger stallions in 2019. This is going to be one special baby!

Wilma has a very low inbreeding coefficient, meaning you can breed her to just about anyone you want. She has already been tested and is free of hydrocephalus and dwarf. She is a proven broodmare and has had 2 healthy, seamless foals.

Not only is and PREGNANT, she also Z-level dressage (Nearly 3rd level)! This girl has it all! She is an absolute dream to ride. She has excellent collected and extended gaits and has a very strong hind leg. She has excellent impulsion and elasticity, She is very comfortable to ride and easy to sit. She has a beautiful uphill canter. She is forward when you ask her to be, and has the sensitivity needed for the upper levels of dressage (but only if you are asking.) Wilma is also suited for riders just learning.

Wilma has excellent conformation and is very well proportioned. She has a short back making her very easy to put in frame and gives her very smooth gaits.

Wilma is an exquisite mare with proven predicates, proven broodmare, and a proven show record. She is a real jack of ALL trades. AND she will give you a beautiful baby in April of 2024!

Breed: Friesian

Size: 16.2 hands

Age: 8 Years

Due Date: April 24

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