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Are you looking for a lifetime best friend that has the most loving personality? A horse that can ridden by a beginner rider and loves to trail ride? Meet Winston, a sweet teddy bear that loves to cuddle. He is the perfect size standing at 15.3 hands, short backed and easy to put in frame. He has the BEST personality, golden character and an ambassador to the Friesian breed! He can go to a dressage competition, then be ridden bareback and go on a trail ride. He has the best brain and is the perfect age of 8 years old! We love this gentle boy!! Perfect all around horse.

Winston has the OUTSTANDING temperament that everyone wants when shopping for a Friesian. He is experienced and a phenomenal thinker for his age. He has a charming personality and such a lover!

We really like Winston because he is uncomplicated and wants to please! He loves to work and has a soft character that is very patient and forgiving. He is responsive to the seat and will always give you what you are asking for. He is so comfortable, he feels like sitting on a comfy memory foam cushion! He is very smooth to ride, great if you have any lower back problems. He has three fantastic gaits.

He has a gentle, old soul. It is getting harder and harder to find horses like this. You will have a BLAST on this boy!

This is an outstanding opportunity to get a wonderful horse with lots of experience at a great age! He has done many things and nothing phases him. He is so sweet; he will make you fall in love! He is ready to make someone a lifetime companion and can only go to the best home! Winston comes with a recent clean PPE and a full set of x-rays.

Age: 8 Years

Size: 15.3 hands

Breed: Friesian



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